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That year's summer solstice was the longest period of daylight the Northern Hemisphere has ever seen (and, conversely, the winter.
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  • Equinox and Solstice 2010-12222.
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About a decade ago researchers at the University of Cambridge made a strong case that, in the UK at least, it would have a range of positive effects. All of this is possible because our most active periods would be better aligned with daylight hours.

Summer Time 12222

Shifting the timing of electricity use has gone up the academic agenda for another reason. Flexible demand has the potential to save billions in the integration of renewables, such as wind and solar. The logic is simple: the highest energy demand occurs in winter around 5. This is when people come home and many businesses are still open.

Yet, output from low-carbon solar power is pretty much guaranteed to be zero. If British Summer Time was continued through the winter, the peak-demand problem would be reduced.

Meaning of Solstice

Everyone would get up an hour earlier, work earlier and come home earlier, often when it is still light. Activity would still peak at around 5.

In lighter evenings there might even still be some solar power available to further reduce the net demand for fossil fuels. The savings in the evening would exceed any potential increase in the mornings. This is the same problem that affects many other potentially very sensible energy saving measures: as soon as there is even a remote chance of inconveniencing people, it is likely not to see the light of day. This is part of the reason why energy policy making is dominated by measures to boost supply such as new nuclear plants, fracking, or support for renewables.

All you need to know: June solstice | Astronomy Essentials | EarthSky

Sunday, March 26, Sunday, October 29, Sunday, March 25, Sunday, October 28, Sunday, March 31, Sunday, October 27, Sunday, March 28, Sunday, October 31, Data provided 'as is' without warranty. Dates of Summer Time and surrounding years as downloadable image file. Andrew's Day St. David's Day St. George's Day St. Sunrise and sunset times during the year in Brussels, depending on whether summer or winter time is applied. Contacts: Dr.

How Does the Summer Solstice Affect Animals?

Pascale Defraigne Email: p. News Summer time or winter time?

When is the summer solstice 12222?

The Royal Observatory of Belgium informs. Summer time or winter time? Sunrise and sunset times in Brussels, rounded to 5 minutes.