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LOS VÁSTAGOS DEL OCIO (Spanish Edition) by [Rios Bonilla, Guillermo] fugas y reyertas de los personajes contra su creador, paseos por la memoria de la.
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Anales galdosianos. Año II, | Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes

To generate new projects and feasible businesses in the hospitality and tourism industries as well as agriculture in Andalucia. To foster the spirit of entrepreneurship and to re-educate in order to facilitate the process of re-entry into society and the workforce through self-employment for those who are deprived of liberty. Voluntary Seniors of SECOT train interns in diverse fields such as management, marketing for entrepreneurship, economic planning and financing, market studies, etc.

The Seniors at SECOT develop training sessions , a total of 7: 2 in Seville, 1 in Jerez, 1 in Malaga, 1 in Granada and 2 in Jaen tutoring the selcted entrepreneurs in order to teach them the skills for designing and developing and presenting their own business project. During this year the Seniors at SECOT have assisted the official acts organized by Redessa and have collaborated in organizing the Premios Reuss Empresa Prize for Reuss Business and by giving training for entrepreneurs: such as market studies, quality entrepreneurship, and the development of business plans, and feasibility plans.

To make available to the chosen ones the necessary support in order to develop an idea: a network of experts, personalized counseling and tutoring, training in business, A platform for administrative support and legal support in case the idea can be materialized into a business project.

To enhance the creation and acceleration of businesses. The entrepreneur will be able to take part in LAZARUS 2 during three years : from the moment the idea is defined up until it is fully matured, and through companionshipthe most complete in the market and accelaration, and lastly without asking for any capital in exchange. Implementation and Development.

Our Seniors have intervened in the selection phase and in the stability phase of the program.

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They have also developed companionship actions and acceleration of the projects. To capitalize the knowledge and expertise of our Seniors in order to transform it into a valuable quality training Project that is useful and sustainable for all. Secot also participates in some of the final assignments required in order to earn the degree. This Project is proposed by the Company where the student has earned the credits by working.

To transmit the experience and knowledge of the Secot volunteers in training centers in authorized schools to students of Middle School, High School and Technical School, in subjects that train students in order to prepare them for the workforce. Courses mainly targeting entrepreneurs who wish to launch a certain business project and who lack the basic knowledge and mangement skills necessary to create, develop and implement it.

The educational courses include hours in total. These services are part of a support system for entrepreneurs that is made possible by SECOT and that has recently been awarded with the seal for outstanding performance in the creation of employment for young people from the Ministry of Employment which is supported by the European Monetary Fund. This training experience is extending to other Branches of the Association, with similar projects in Barcelona and Leon. The students of ESADE a total of students on this occasion have had the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of the Seniors of Secot who are experienced relevant figures in the business world.

To offer people the opportunity to recieve the basic training needed for those who wish to start a business through the We Help You Find Jobs of the Mapfre Foundation and the opportunity to receive counseling from the Seniors at Secot. To pass on knowledge and expertise from the Secot Seniors and develop a harmonious Volunteer system that builds and strenghthens intergenerational relations. The contents of the program include: Training for the integral parts of entrepreneurship, marketing, commercial management, small business financing and accounting and training for creating a business plan.

To offer mentoring, networks, training, and personalized counsel based on the exchange of real derived experiences, acquired through excercising business and creative activities. To promote self employment for handicapped people imparting Seminars for the elaboration of a Business Plan. Two 20 credit hour seminars in Seville and Madrid given by the Secot Seniors with the following modules: definition of a business project, DAFO analysis, and market study, marketing plan, online marketing social network marketing, e-commerce, sales plans, operational plans and human resources, legal, fiscal economic and financial plans.

The fund selects an average of 5 projects from all of the ones presented to participate in a 24 month incubation process, where they are given a monetary allowance, technological, legal and business advice. During this phase they are trained by a Secot advisor and they receive help in acquiring capital for the initial phase following the incubation phase.

Seniors have participated as advisors in 6 energy saving projects that have been selected. A total of hrs and 90 sessions will be dedicated to this project throughout the year. The goal has been to show the students exactly what a Telecommunications Company should be able to do and on the other hand to teach them how important it is to encourage teamwork, and to be committed and also how important work ethics are in the success of a business.

The students were selected and awarded this internship by thr Catedra Orange in our to develop their project within this initiative. The Members of Secot participate in talks to motivate employees of Bankinter. These workshops were given by Secot Seniors to people over the age of This is called intergenerational mentoring for entrepreneurs and focuses its activities on promoting innovation and change while maintaining good business practices. This project began in September of and has a duration of three years.

It is made possible with the collaboration of several Universities, High Schools, Adult Schools, as well as businesses, business networks, and organizations of the nonprofit sector. The main objective of the project is to target unemployment amongst people 30 years of age and under considering entrepreneurship as a solution for self- employment. And also for those who are 45 and over who have lost their jobs and need to learn new skills.

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In this aspect our Senior volunteers will promote the insertion of the beneficiaries into the workforce. The volunteers will also benefit from this by keeping themselves active as they carry out their mentoring while promoting intergenerational relations. In two will take place.

One will be held in Brussels in June, and the other in Madrid in October. The objective of these seminars is to bring together the organizations of the society in order to advance in the definition of an intergenerational policy that supports a healthy economy, that is efficient and sustainable. The objective of the workshop was to share the most successful practices in Europe for the reduction of unemployment amongst young people.

Various conferences were held. Joaqui Almunia was in charge of this conference. She centered her conference on the promotion and development of IT skills in order to achieve an online society. In June eSemp Madrid celebrated the closing edition of of its courses. In this last cycle the school had applicants and students registered, who imparted hours given by 30 teachers, and obtained diplomas in the coursed studies: Business Planning, Competences, Marketing, Finances and Integral courses. The graduates were congratulated and they wished them the best in their business endevours.

The closing ceremonies for the last semester of were held in December in the Bankinter Auditorium for the students of eSemp. In this last cycle we had applicants, registered who obtained degrees after coursing hours of classes given by 32 teachers. In these ten years Madrid has incubated almost small companies in their business greenhouses.

These were created in offices and shared work space. Thanks to the contribution of the Cadena Cope the prize hopes to promote the culture of entrepreneurship favoring creation development and consolidation of new businesses throughout the difused advertising campaigns with 5 emissions daily during three uninterrupted months in one of the stations of the COPE group.

It was hosted and conducted by the journalist, Marie Pau Huguet, who welcomed all the assistants especially all the authorities , the President of Secot, Mr. The issue would resurface several years later, in , when Spain invaded Morocco. These Jews, ac- cording to Spanish accounts in newspaper articles, memoirs, and literary texts, greeted the Spaniards as liberators and rallied around the Spanish troops. In these accounts, the Jew is generally cast as an intermediary between Spaniard and Muslim who dwells on the fringes of the patria, vying to affirm his membership in it.

Interestingly, the official discourse about the war often took shape in the form of historical claims concerning not the more recent Spanish empire in the Americas but rather the Reconquista of Spain from the Muslims in the Middle Ages.

Anales galdosianos. Año II, 1967

You who redeemed Granada from the Muslim yoke; And you who restored to the Iberian pueblo Its heroism of ages past. Isabel fled to France and revolutionary jun- tas took over the large cities. In Madrid, the Democrats coerced Prim and Serrano into satisfying their demands for a constituent cortes elected by universal suffrage and for the proclamation of freedom of religion and the press. Though he condemned anti-Jewish massacres, he ex- plained the persecution of the Jews by citing passages from the Tal- mud that, he alleged, called for the deception and extermination of Christians.

The final volume considers the situation of the Jews in the kingdom of Juan II of Castile and the expulsion of the Jews from Aragon and Castile in and from Navarre in It also surveys the travails of the Conversos in Spain and Portugal in the six- teenth and seventeenth centuries.

His ear- lier conception of his work as providing an important contribution to the understanding of Spanish civilization had thus evolved into a more committed and even personal form of paying homage to the place of the Jews in the Spanish patria. He as- sured readers: [] We have never believed that it is licit for the historian to separate his Jewish heart and his intelligence from the inflexible staff and faithful scales of Social justice; therefore, upon publishing Estudios historicos in ,.

He understood history as serving a higher purpose, one committed to the forging of a sense of cohesive Catholic nationhood or patria in Spain.

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As such, writing history entailed upholding the con- cepts of justice, objectivity, reason, and faith or passion for the patria all at once. One example is his discussion of the Jewish role in the civil wars of Navarre and Castile. Kayserling assaults us with the most venomous blows. An array of govern- ment dignitaries and public officials joined his family in signing this obituary. By the late nineteenth century, in its attempts to construct a national heritage, the Spanish Liberal state had stepped up its collaboration with scholars and politicians dedicated to such acts of recovery at the Royal Academy of History and other academic institutions.

In the case of Spain, however, the existence of such debate even in the absence of a contemporary Jewish population suggests the enduring centrality of the Jewish pres- ence in the Spanish national imagination, even four centuries after their expulsion. Moreover, the debates generated over questions of Jewish absence and presence in Spain proved unique in the contem- porary European setting of secularized national ideologies; in Spain, by contrast, they were marked by a firmly Catholic ideology and reli- gious rhetoric surrounding the idea of a united Catholic Spain.

Thus we find in Spain the interplay of medieval and early modern debates over Jewish conversion to Christianity, Enlightenment debates over Jewish emancipation and readmittance to European territory, and more nefarious modern debates over the inassimilable racial charac- ter of the Jews. Notes I wish to thank my advisor, the late Yosef Haim Yerushalmi, for his generous comments on an earlier version of this article.

I also wish to thank Nitai Shi- nan, Antonio Feros, Adam Shear, and Paul Eiss, and the journal editors and anonymous reviewers for their feedback and comments. All translations are my own unless otherwise noted. Pedro de Madrazo y D. The arbitristas lit. Though highly polemical and partisan, these widely publicized works brought renewed attention to Spanish Jews and their descendants the Conversos as iconic victims of a politi- cal system that a sector of Spanish Liberalism sought to overturn.

Armistead, ed. Adrienne L. The institutionaliza- tion of Arabism, on the other hand, has been well documented and is the subject of significant scholarly attention. For more recent work on the topic by Spanish scholars, see Eduardo Manzano Moreno et al. Raanan Rein, special issue, History and Memory 14, nos. The work repre- sents the first general history of Spain since the medieval period and spans antiquity through the accession of Charles V in It came to serve as a model for national-history writing in the following centuries and was perhaps the most widely read Spanish historical work until the early nineteenth century.

Jewish 32 Ibid. Burns, ed. See Dwayne E. Michal 54 Ibid. Friedman 55 Ibid. Valverde y Perales, His- toria de la Villa de Baena, Jewish 72 Ibid. Iacob M. Studies Ibid. See also ibid. Historia was first presented to the Span- ish public in Among the signers were the minister of development, the general director of public instruction, the president of the Royal Council of Public Instruction, the rector of the University of Madrid, as well as the directors of the Royal Academies of History and Fine Art of San Fernando. Any substantial or systematic reproduction, re-distribution, re-selling, loan or sub-licensing, systematic supply or distribution in any form to anyone is expressly forbidden.

The publisher does not give any warranty express or implied or make any representation that the contents will be complete or accurate or up to date. The accuracy of any instructions, formulae and drug doses should be independently verified with primary sources. The publisher shall not be liable for any loss, actions, claims, proceedings, demand or costs or damages whatsoever or howsoever caused arising directly or indirectly in connection with or arising out of the use of this material.

His intellectual formation took place in the context of the political and cultural movements that emerged from the Disaster and the collapse of liberalism, and particularly Regenerationism. The publication of Notas marruecas also landed him in jail as it was highly critical of the war and the monarchy. He hastily returned to his post in Strasbourg.

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  • At home, Caballero promoted Catalan revivalism and the resurrection of Catalan influence throughout the Mediterranean, as a means of creating a pan-Hispanic empire. Y lo ha conseguido sin humillaciones serviles. The Gaceta, at least in its incipient Downloaded By: [Friedman, Michal] At: 2 June stages, was unique to Spain in this period; it served as a crossroads and laboratory where many political views were presented and whose contributors seemed to share a collaborative spirit and vision in the common interest of national regeneration and renewal.

    With the support of his influential collaborators, he placed Sephardism on center stage within the Gaceta. Es un hebreo vertical. No es un hebreo diagonal, un hebreo de Ghetto. Even today, the Sephardic Jew is distinguished from other Jews.

    En Memoria a Danilo Rios

    The mystification of Sephardic Jews and the comparison drawn between them and Ashkenazi Jews, however, also serves as an indication of its deeper roots, as these ideas echo those elaborated by nineteenth-century German Jews in their crafting of modern Jewish historiography. ES una variante regional del hispanismo. Es lo toledano. O lo vasco. In their hands lies our entire cultural future. Hebraism is not a separate religion or race. IT IS a regional variant of Hispanism. It is the Toledan, just like the Catalan, or the Basque.

    For Spain, this is a question of life or death. Es casi igual a cero. We got to know eSemp during one of the many visits to the different offices of the Comunidad de Madrid asking for help. We were quite lost and were looking for training for entrepreneurs. At eSemp we found the one we liked the most. While we took the course and cleared up most of our doubts we met our mentor.

    Gabriel Guarda

    Our tutor taught us how to be realistic, and not create pipe dreams and how to square off balance and develop a good financing economic plan. The support we received fron SECOT has been amazing; to the point where they even helped us with our accounting, advised us about programs ang gave us strength when we were weak.

    You can really feel alone when you start up a business with no experience! The tutors at SECOT helped me step by step reinforcing my weak points and strengthening my strong ones, in the areas that I knew. They were my guides and they continue to help when I am in doubt. Apart from these training sessions we have been lucky to have had their mentoring for the project.

    The help that SECOT offers is excellent because not only are they very knowledgeable but they have vast experience in different areas. The value of this experience which they share with us is inmeasurable and hard to find anywhere else. I would like to express my gratitude for having been chosen to participate in eSemp.

    It has been a magnificent experience not only because of the people who participated but because of the entire organization. A special thanks to the Seniors of SECOT who shared their knowledge and experience with us with the wisdom and simplicity of those who really know what they are doing. They are not only huge on a professional level having shared their knowledge but have showed us how to face the business world on a personal level.

    We hope we can soon share with them all the benefits of our success, in order to give back for their work. Thank you for everything. Santiago Bergareche Busquet President of the Council of the Jose Ferrer de Lucio. Pablo Soler Emprendedore Eduardo Tormo. Secot is regularly evaluated by the Fundacion Lealtad or Loyalty Foundation which assures that the principles of transparency and good practice are being met.

    The last report from May can be found on: www. Pedro Tembury Granada secotgranada gmail. To offer Seniors the opportunity to remain active by transmitting their much valued knowledge and experience to others such as entrepreneurs, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations who can bene- VISION To be recognized as the leading non lucrative indepedent Association in Spain for business consulting, made up of Seniors.

    This pro- for HS students. Beneficiaries To foster the spirit of entrepreneurship and to re-educate in order to facilitate the process of re-entry into society and the workforce through self-employment for those who are deprived of liberty. Beneficiaries Beneficiaries We have three people in the training courses.

    Implementation and Development Implementation and Development Voluntary Seniors of SECOT train interns in diverse fields such as management, marketing for entrepreneurship, economic planning and financing, market studies, etc. Beneficiaries young people-yuzzers- between the ages of 18 and 30 with basic technological business ideas. Beneficiaries 12 participants who will train during the three year project with expert entrepreneurs in the launching and consolidation of businesses. Beneficiaries students in Implementation and Development The educational courses include hours in total.

    Implementation and Development A total of 10 Seniors have participated and donated a total of 1.

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    Objective To pass on knowledge and expertise from the Secot Seniors and develop a harmonious Volunteer system that builds and strenghthens intergenerational relations. BeneficiarieS 14 handicapped people in Seville and 29 in Madrid. Implementation and Development Two 20 credit hour seminars in Seville and Madrid given by the Secot Seniors with the following modules: definition of a business project, DAFO analysis, and market study, marketing plan, online marketing social network marketing, e-commerce, sales plans, operational plans and human resources, legal, fiscal economic and financial plans.

    Implementation and Development Seniors have participated as advisors in 6 energy saving projects that have been selected. Implementation and Development 17 Seniors have participated in a total of 85 sessions throughout hrs. Beneficiaries Small businesses and Entrepreneurs. Implementation and Development 6 Seniors have participated in a total of 24 sessions throughout 60 hours.

    BeneficiarieS people over 50 years old. Implementation and Development 25 Seniors have participated in Branches in Barcelona, Jaen, Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia, Vizcaya, and Zaragoza in a total of hours distributed in 50 workshops throughout 7 Autunomous Communities. Danok I would like to express my gratitude for having been chosen to participate in eSemp. Consejeria de Presidencia y Justicia.

    Lanza- Servicios Generales Secretaria General. Jose Ma. Aldeanueva Abaunza Excmo. Jose Ma Martin Oviedo Sr. Carlos Alvarez Jimenez Sra.

    Beatriz Navarro Sr. Martin Gonzalez del Valle Sr. Benedicto Poza Lozano Sr. Miguel Canalejo Larrainzar Excmo. Javier Gurpide Huarte Sr. Fernando de Asua Alvarez Sr. Antonio Saenz de Miera Sr.