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Unlocking Leadership in Thailand - Kindle edition by Andreas Liefooghe, Siriyupa Roongrerngsuke. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC.
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I was arrested seven times for prostitution related charges. I attempted to escape on four different occasions and tried to commit suicide twice. I was hopeless. I saw an open window of opportunity, and in , I attempted my last and final escape. I returned home to try to get a fresh start.

Pheu Thai party elects leadership team ahead of elections expected next year

But I was living in a whole new world of normalcy that I knew nothing about. I had a huge gap in job history, a criminal record, and a ton of PTSD. Would I be shunned in my own town? Where would I work? After a brief trial of relying on old ways, I finally surrendered it all. I got on food stamps and government housing. It was during that season I cried out to God asking if this is what He saved me for.

Leading Others

In that time, I got a great job and married a wonderful man and we eventually started our own business. In , we sold our business and started the Rebecca Bender Initiative, an organization that equips community professionals to recognize and respond to domestic exploitation. To date, our team has trained nearly 90, first responders including law enforcement, FBI, Homeland Security, medical professionals, community service providers and faith-based groups.

Survivors and non-profits started reaching out asking if we offered mentoring services for survivors. I immediately created Elevate , an online academy geared to mentor survivors for life after trafficking and empower them to live their dreams. Currently, survivors have been empowered for life after trafficking and hardship, figuring out their Now What in life.

My full memoir is currently being published by Zondervan and will hit the shelves January of A local friend and pastor had an extra ticket to The Global Leadership Summit, and he invited me to attend for the first time. I was especially impacted by one of the speakers, Don Flow , who is the owner of a car dealership in North Carolina.

With inspiration from his talk , I wrote a manifesto for how I wanted to lead the team that God was going to entrust me with. One thing that got me was how he talked about getting to know the dreams of his staff. He really wanted to get to know them.

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He gave them paid hours to do what they love and give back to their community. It made them feel invested in, and then ultimately, they wanted to do more for the company. This resonated with me. At the Summit I realized that I wanted to help survivors restore their dreams. Survivors are more than just their story. We have talents and abilities that have been left dormant or unexplored for far too long. Today, our staff consists of 45 percent survivors of human trafficking, and at one point over half. For me to build into them, get to know their dreams and invest in them is more than just good for the outcome of our work, it helps them know their value and to learn lessons along the way — like being faithful in the little and planting seeds.

A couple of them have gone on to do incredible work they are passionate about, and we celebrate that because building into who they are and helping them follow their own dreams is the original manifesto that RBI promised God. Our trainings have now led us to speak at nearly 50 conferences a year.


Unlocking Leadership in Thailand by Andreas Liefooghe ,Siriyupa Roongrerngsuke PDF

It balances respect for where people are in their own journey with advice and skills that will radically change their company and their life. The hard part for any of us to wrap our heads around is the fact that evil exists, and that humanity has free will.

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  2. Unlocking the Potential of Others.

Not everyone is trying to live for God. But God can help you overcome that mountain. He wants you to be successful. He cares about the well being of your family. Even when doors shut, He has your best interest at heart and you can trust His timing, His leading and His direction. Rebecca Bender and other survivors pose with Jimmy Carter. God wants us to be more successful than we realize. He wants to connect you with His network of people who can pour into you. God is that kind of God. My organization and our story can be viewed here. Rebecca Bender Initiative.

She is an award-winning, nationally recognized expert on human trafficking. After escaping nearly six years of modern day slavery, she wrote her first book, Roadmap to Redemption, followed by her recent curriculum Elevate. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and their four daughters, and is currently finishing her masters. Sign In or Create an Account. We welcome and encourage comments on this site. There may be some instances where comments will need to be edited or removed, such as:.

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